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The Outpost

Сезон 2 | Сезон 1

# Эпизод Количество субтитры
2x13 This Is Our Outpost 0  
2x12 In the Worst Corner of My Memory 1 en 
2x11 Nothing Short of Heroic 1 en 
2x10 The Only Way 1 en 
2x09 There Will Be a Reckoning 1 en 
2x08 A Crown for the Queen 0  
2x07 Where You Go, People Die 1 en 
2x06 Because She's Worth It 1 en 
2x05 The Blade of the Three 1 en 
2x04 Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears 1 en 
2x03 Not In My Kingdom 1 en 
2x02 This Is One Strange Town 1 en 
2x01 We Only Kill to Survive 1 en 
All episodes 1 en