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Chicago Med

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# Эпизод Количество субтитры
4x21 Episode 21 1 en  
4x20 More Harm Than Good 1 en  
4x19 Never Let You Go 2 en ro 
4x18 Tell Me The Truth 2 en ro 
4x17 The Space Between Us 2 en ro 
4x16 Old Flames, New Sparks 2 en ro 
4x15 We Hold These Truths 2 en ro 
4x14 Can't Unring That Bell 2 en ro 
4x13 Ghosts in the Attic 2 en ro 
4x12 The Things We Do 2 en ro 
4x11 Who Can You Trust 2 en ro 
4x10 All the Lonely People 2 en ro 
4x09 Death Do Us Part 2 en ro 
4x08 Play By My Rules 2 en ro 
4x07 The Poison Inside Us 2 en ro 
4x06 Lesser of Two Evils 2 en ro 
4x05 What You Don't Know... 2 en ro 
4x04 Backed Against the Wall 2 en ro 
4x03 Heavy is the Head 2 en ro 
4x02 When to Let Go 2 en ro 
4x01 Be My Better Half 2 en ro 
All episodes 2 en ro