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I Feel Bad

Сезон 1

# Эпизод Количество субтитры
1x13 There's Never Enough Time 1 en 
1x12 I Don't Know My Dad 1 en 
1x11 We're Not Fun Anymore 1 en 
1x10 My Kids Barely Know Their Culture 1 en 
1x09 I Need My Mom 1 en 
1x08 I Miss Important Moments 1 en 
1x07 I'm Not Sentimental 1 en 
1x06 I'm a Massive Hypocrite 1 en 
1x05 I'm Vain A.F. 1 en 
1x04 My Kid Has to Grow Up 1 en 
1x03 I Lie to My Kids 1 en 
1x02 I Get Sick of Being Needed 1 en 
1x01 I Don't Want to Turn into My Mother 1 en 
All episodes 1 en